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DataBank Casio Watches

The Databank range combines the practicality of calculators and data storage with the classic style of retro watches from the late 1990s! Trendy and out there, Casio Databank watches area fashion statement, and they were some of the first watches to offer unique and special features such as touch screens, schedule and world time, phone dialler, electroluminescent backlight, radium keypads, voice recording capabilities, and atomic time reception functions.

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Buy DataBank Casio Watches Online

The Databank watches were some of the first digital watches ever developed that could store data, let alone calculate equations. With the advent of smartphones and smartwatches, Databank watches are no longer so feature-rich, but they will always remain the first-ever ‘smart’ watches of our time.

The old Databank watches with all their features are very much in demand by collectors today, and the Databank look and style isn’t just fashionable, it’s steeped in history and innovation! It’s a fashion statement and a throwback to a time of rapid progress.

The current Databank watches are all multilingual and still retain their calculatory and data storage capabilities, with a built-in 8 digit calculator, 10-year battery and stopwatch. With that classic look from the 1990s digital age, you can add some timeless sophistication to any outfit.