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Edifice Casio Watches

The Casio Edifice collection comes in that classic, sophisticated look catered to the aristocratic gentleman, combining multi-function technology with sleek styling and bold faces. They’re perfect for the professional, the jet setter, and the sportsman, matching both your workday and weekend lifestyles. For the racing fans, Edifice is partnered with TOM’s Racing Team in Japan, as well as Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Edifice watches are all bold, sleek watches with comfortable, stainless steel and resin bands. Multi-layered faces feature dials and gauges for a fast, sporty feel reminiscent of a racing dashboard, and the strikingly large index and inset dial give the watch a strong, solid presence and metal look.

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There’s no reliance on ornamentation or unnecessary detailing, and the materials are masterfully worked by the hands of artists to create these superior metal watches. It’s an intense process of forging, hand detailing and polishing to create the iconic Edifice identity you wear on your wrist, all bold, fascinating shapes combined with finer detailings to create that refined, dignified style.

Highly functional with the latest in Casio technology, Edifices watches come highly functional with their own unique attributes. Some watches come solar-powered, others can be connected to your Smartphone for accurate world time no matter where you are. Some are suitable for deep diving underwater, with 100m water resistance, while others feature a speed dial for performance and the lifestyle.