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The Casio Outgear range has something for everyone with a love for the outdoors. Whether you’re a hardcore survivalist, a hunter, fisherman, or a man who just enjoys camping in the great outdoors, surrounded by the wonders of nature, these watches inspire confidence in the wilds we call home. Bold, stylish, and incredibly rugged, the Outgear collection boasts a repertoire of practical features to give you the upper hand.

Watchmall is one of the number one official suppliers of Casio Outgear watches in South Africa. Choose from our online collection of timepieces to find the perfect outdoor equipment for you, and we’ll deliver it straight from the manufacturer’s warehouse to your door, ready for your next big adventure.

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Feel at home and empowered in nature with Casio’s feature-rich designer watches. Fishermen are best equipped to fight for those elusive catches with the help of their Outgear wrist-worn companions, which come fully equipped with moon graphs, tidal data from tide charts, and solar phase equipment.

The hunter and hiker will also feel ready to take on any peak or hurdle with the altimeter and barometer twin sensory technology, guaranteed to keep you on the right path, on the right day, without unwelcome surprises from the weather.

Such practical features are additions to the standard Casio arsenal of fantastic features, including the world clocks, backlights, torches, stopwatches, and daily alarms built into these timepieces. All this gear come packed into hardy but classy, stylish watch exteriors, in both digital and analogue styles. Outgear watches are highly durable and water-resistant, a must for any fisherman and outdoor trekker.