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Pro Trek Casio Watches

Casio’s Pro Trek Watches is specifically designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Loaded with gear to aid your trek through the outdoors, the Pro Trek watch is bound to become your ultimate wrist-worn companion on every adventure.

The Pro Trek is a smartwatch, powered by Google’s Wear OS. It comes geared up with all the bells and whistles ideal for outdoor adventures, including GPS, Location Memory, Moment Setter, solar charger, and Casio’s Triple Sensor technology to keep you one step ahead of whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. These watches are ultra-tough, protected against the elements by a dual-layer LCD, and a water-resistant design. They’re designed to look as rugged and stylish as they are tough, with their large digital LCD faces and their bold, sporty frames.

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These smartwatches can slot seamlessly into your active lifestyle with a number of applications to keep track of your fitness and data as you move, from your heart rate to your speed, distance covered to calories burnt.